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Delivery Information

Delivery Information

Recommended dates for placing orders for pre-Christmas Delivery 2023- USA/ Asia / Australia- December 11th, UK: December 15th, Europe- December 18th, Ireland: December 20th- We will continue to ship out orders to all desintations until December 23rd and do our very best to get them to you as quickly as possible!

Payment methods:

All online sales are securely processed by Realex Payments. Payments can be made by either Visa or MasterCard. You can choose to pay in Euros, British Pounds or US dollars. If you are paying by PayPal you will be re-directed to their site to make your payment.


We currently ship to the following countries: 

All EU countries



Norway * 

Switzerland * 

Australia * 

New Zealand *

Japan *

Hong Kong * 

Singapore *

Shipping prices are as follows:

Island of Ireland (Whole Island)

Flat Rate €7-95


1-6 Samples €25 inc VAT

7-12 Samples €35 inc VAT

13-18 Samples €45 inc VAT

19-24 Samples €55  inc VAT and so on

Delivery usually takes approximately 3-8 days.

Most EU Countries

1-24 Samples - €15 inc VAT

25-48 Samples - €20 inc VAT

49-64 Samples - €25 inc VAT

(additional €5 for every jump of 24 after that)

Northern Europe and Switzerland

1-6 Samples - €25 inc VAT

7-24 Samples- €35 inc VAT

25-48 Samples- €40 inc VAT

(additional €5 for every jump of 24 after that)

Far East Asia/ Australia


1-6 Samples €35 ex VAT (Warning for customs charges here)



1-6 Samples €25 ex VAT (Warning for customs charges here)

All orders must be a minimum value of €15 to check out.

* Whilst we try to maintain a very high standard of service there is always an element of risk in sending alcohol overseas. Therefore, we must warn out customers that there may be possibilities of customs charges or seizures when sending goods to certain countries. In the event of such charges or seizures, we will not be responsible for the payment of these extra customs charges and we will not be able to offer any kind of compensation or refund.

Please note that if your country is not listed above, please email info@celticwhiskeybar.com and we will try to provide a quote.


Your package will arrive safely and in perfect condition. Samples will arrive in specially designed boxes- see below. 

Delivery Information
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