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Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition 38 Year Old

Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition 38 Year Old
Redbreast Dream Cask Zenith Edition 38 Year Old

The last chapter in the series of incredible Redbreast Dream Cask releases. This 38 year-old single pot still whiskey is the seventh bottling of specially created whiskeys under the Redbreast name. 

First laid down in 1985 in second fill bourbon barrels, this exceptional whiskey was then re-casked in 2013 into oloroso sherry butts. 


A wonderful and rich combination of herbs and spices with notes of menthol, liquorice, rosemary, and allspice. Fruit elements offer aromas of black cherry and blackcurrants with hints of mango and orange peel. Many years of ageing in a combination of seasoned oak casks give an impression of antique furniture, delicate wood resin and linseed.


Tropical and fleshy fruits intermingle with luscious, smooth waves of vanilla and chocolate. Soft oak tannins eventually shine through, enhancing the pot still spices and showcasing notes of black peppercorns, freshly picked garden mint and a mild ginger spice. The fruits continue to build, working in harmony with the nutty undertones. The influences of Oloroso sherry add further intricacy to this complex whiskey.


Lingering, with the spices eventually fading, leaving the fruits and oak to have the final word.

Dram: 30ml
Ex Tax: €146.34

Tasting notes

Alc %45.3%
StyleSingle Pot Still
Taste Profile Fruity (Dried Fruits) , Spicy


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